Fix your HP Printer Offline now!

One of the common problems with HP Printer is the inconstancy of the printers IP address or can also be caused by using a wireless router which is erroneously configured by the ISP. All the HP wireless printers have a unique MAC address filtering that recognizes the device on the network. They can sometimes go offline when they are unable to establish a connection because of the MAC address filtering.

There are lots of different problems that can make a Printer offline and here are some remedies

If your printers show offline when you are checking Printers and Faxes, they may be because of an out of date print cartridge. Some printers require their cartridges to be up to date and have not passed the expiry date stamped on the label, which is picked up by the printer electronically. You should open the cartridge door and pull out each cartridge and check their dates. If it is past their expiry date you should replace it and your printer will instantly get back online.

How to fix HP wireless printers

HP wireless printers will go offline if the router is no longer working or is not able to maintain signal over a long range. The signals can sometimes be blocked by walls and various other objects. This can be fixed by placing the router and the printer together. Those who can modify the channel can extend the range and the power of the signal with access points to fix the problem.

Check the printer status

When the printer cannot communicate with the computer the printer becomes offline. Here are a few ways to try and fix it. First, check the printer status and make sure the printer is selected as default. See if pause printer or use HP Printer Offline have been selected. If it is windows 10 it is worth checking for Microsoft update. The update can prevent the printer from going offline.

Fixing offline problems using HP Print and Scan Doctor

You can download HP Print and Scan Doctor and run the downloaded file. Choose your printer and click start and if you are advised to scan and update, click yes. If the screen displays telling you to make you printer default, click yes and your printer will be back online.

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